July 22


KA a day for ducks and Arks..

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There was no great plan for the day, I had several destinations to go to, courtesy of the listings in BSH and 100% and a few directions scribbled on a piece of paper in my back pocket.

You know it’s going to be one of those days when it takes hours to get round the M25 to the M4 , ah start of school holidays, should have found another route.

Anyway I was soon on the right route and heading down the A4 to the Rotary Club of Calne Motorcycle day, but just before Marlborough I started to see cars coming at me with lights on, the temperature started to drop, and before you could say “stop to put waterproofs on” it was pouring down, with the kind of rain Noah would be proud of, luckily I had found a spot too put waterproofs on, but not quick enough to be damp.

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I splashed onwards, and the rain eased, then just before Avebury it hit again, this time so hard visibility was down to nil, I had to stop, and as I sheltered in a hedge with some other riders we watched as a dip in the road became a small lake.

As the torrent lessened to a downpour I doubted my sanity at moving on, I watched a trail bike traverse the now small lake, and waited for a few cars to disperse some water before I tried.

With the storm subsiding it left some fantastic light patterns on the countryside, and passing Silbury hill (the largest man made prehistoric mound 130ft in Europe) I had to stop for a photograph.

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Reaching Calne, despite the atrocious weather there were bikes everywhere, though most riders were taking shelter, there was a trailer with groups playing and more interesting machinery in one place than I have seen in a while.

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As I grabbed a burger, I heard one guy complaining he had to ride 10 miles back in the rain, I was now 110 miles from home. 

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The question also has to be how many Scrumpies (Somerset VSOC members) can get in one gazebo. 


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But time to move on, my scribbled instructions were now a messy blob, oh well. Heading back on the A4 with the skies slowly clearing I rode in into Avebury where the village is surrounded by standing stones from about 2500BC I must say they looked impressive, probably better when the sun comes out. I also found some other strange stones and things around, it still fascinates me that people would have created these, I still think they may have been the first shopping centres.

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Feeling confident the weather was improving I tried to make rapid progress to Reading where a poker run was to be run, no such luck, another deluge and I was down to a crawl, and found sanctuary in a petrol station, the disposable gloves making great liners for my sodden gloves. “Lets go home I thought”

But as I neared the M25 so the sun came out, and all was right with the world, so I headed off up the A1 to Biggleswade and the “Siobhanathon” a charity event run by several folk off the 100% Biker forum.  

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Not bad only 254 miles by the time I got there, I was glad to see friendly faces.  

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What a great venue for a do, it was dry and warm for a start, with a large marquee hosting the band and DJ (Creature gets everywhere), a Hitchcock style spooky barn in the next field, raffle and small bike show. Decent real ales helped as well. 

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Slob won the bicycle in the raffle, and entertained the crowd by falling off all over the place.

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 I believe close to £600 was raised, excellent The band played some jolly little ditties and as the sun started to set I headed back home, tired, but having had an excellent day, just on 350 miles, poor Milly is minging, and I should be kind today and go and wash her, but guess what its raining again.