Alexandra Palace


"Alexander Palace"

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Despite this having been on at Alexander palace for many a year this was my first visit, and indeed my first visit since the old Ally Pally car shows in the Early 80's

I decided to take the bike rather than 3 trains, and had even looked at the map, it was as I passed the Ace Cafe I was joined by some other guys on Harleys and victory's, "are you off to ally Pally?" they called ""yes" I replied "oh good we shall follow you" needless to say I didn't see the large sign to the right, so nearly ended up going to Romford

By now the followers had given up and I was on my own, so I doubled back, "AHA!" I exclaimed there are signs that way :) and I was soon at the top of a windblown hill parking in the secure parking area. Somehow the followers had got there first.

Even before you ventured in, you were confronted by Vic Jeffords masterpiece "Manhattan" and if I thought that was good I hadn't seen anything yet.


In but a trice and with 15 relieved from my wallet I was in the show, perusing 50years of MCN Bikes and then the Victory bikes were the first new bikes I saw.

Most of the Big motorcycle manufacturers were there, Harley Davidson had the NightRod, very nice, on the stand, along with the low sportster 1200, which gives it a very different look, and the very tall Buell off road thingy

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I lusted for a while over the triumph trail bike and found the BMW off roaders, hot from Charley Boormans Paris Dakkar attempt, still covered in sand and desert muck

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Tucked in the corner near to the overpriced coffee was the custom and chrome section, with many of the bikes from "Biker Build off" it was a shame there was no stall selling trinkets and baubles for your bike then. Battistinis Smooftale was  one to lust over and very retro, I felt the lighting , being a dark and gloomy corner let some of the bikes down.

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certainly this is the place to go if you require any cheap clothing, but I was good and let the credit card have a rest.

Reaching the Ace cafe stand and the MCN show stand there it was the bike of the show for me, the Ecosse Heretic, a hand built vision of beauty, mere words cannot explain quite how excellent this bike is. I hope the photo's do the bike justice.

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Deciding to head off before the traffic was too bad, I strolled back to the bike only to find the Radio transmitter above the show had dissabled mine and several other bikes. Alarm whailing loudly I was assisted by two passers by to push the bike to the entrance at the top of the hill, so from here I could freewheel with the alarm still wailing, not unlike a demented ice-cream salesman further away so I could turn the alarm off. Now this is a big hill and rolled down at great speed thankfully to find a spot I could dissarm the alarm, needless to say after this I managed several wrong turns but it was a great day out.

I may even be back next year.