longest day


June 21st the longest day, and a slightly cooler day which always bodes for riding.

Leaving home at 10 I headed off round the excitement of the M25 to head for Essex and all counties east.

I had a vague plan of a reasonable trip of 200 miles and that was to reach “Littleport” where there is a statue celebrating the birthplace of William Harley the father of William Sylvester Harley co founder of the Harley Davidson Company.

littleport1.jpg (98238 bytes)

I was also going to grab some more ABC of Touring landmarks. Link

So with this in mind it was off to Newmarket first, having passed a fantastic town by the name of “six mile bottom” had to stop for that, and the Back Bear Harley Dealership, 2 u turns later and I found it tucked away behind the high street, a huge dealership, and I resisted the urge to buy.

One quick butty stop and it was off to Littleport and 3 turns round the village until I found the statue. While there I was surrounded by a group of young lads all proud of their ASBO’s so I kept tight reign of the camera’s etc.

littleport 2.jpg (81169 bytes)littleport 3.jpg (83556 bytes)littleport 5.jpg (90083 bytes)littleport 4.jpg (95671 bytes)

I was still feeling comfortable so decided to head for the Norfolk border, and then saw a sign to the coast this was the start of my downfall. Norfolk roads are fantastic, long and straight and mid week lacking in traffic, however there are still speed cameras and the like.

fens.jpg (57570 bytes) fens 2.jpg (54797 bytes)

The other fact being it was a Wednesday and Norfolk still closes half day. So fuelled by chocolate  I kept going, no crabs to be found at Cromer though (1/2 day closing) so headed off to see the sea, and was nearly blown away.

cromer.jpg (52960 bytes)

So with the day cooling down I started to head off south, hitting the Norwich one-way confusion system at rush hour, chaos.

Eventually I found my way out and whizzed back down the A11 past some strange monuments, really must find out what they are one day. 

going home.jpg (88619 bytes)

Crossing a very windblown QEII bridge, which I just love in late afternoon as the river becomes gold, finally reaching The Well House and one of Sharon’s chilli’s at 8 in the evening. 384 miles was the grand total for the day, and I felt great

A brilliant way to celebrate the longest day J