South Hants Mag Toy Run


Saturday 16th December

Its less than a week to Christmas, and its almost pleasantly warm, if this is what global warming does to us, I have no complaints

I set off far too early to get to this run, Portsmouth is only 60 Miles from Home, so I enjoyed the scenic route, but already people were in the car park waiting for the run.

The sun shone perfectly all day for this great run, from the Churchillian Pub to the Mary rose School.

Organised by South Hants MAG and with lots of support from local clubs,notably the local members of the vSOC who assisted with marshalling.

At 12.45 165 bikes headed off for the ride. The ride winds through nice roads, and through Portsmouth and Southsea to the School.

The pedestrians seemed to love us as we wound our way through the streets, but I'm not too sure about the car drivers.

and sadly as we looped round at Southsea the doughnuts stall was closed.

The Mary rose school is a specialist school for children with special needs, some of the children were there, and the looks on their faces made the day

Having chatted to friends and munched mince pies I said my fair wells and headed home a cracking ride back, a great day out

well done to MAG and all the organisers.


as ever click to enlarge pictures, if you require higher resolution pictures please email me

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