Rat Bike Show


Rat Bike Revue

Ace Cafe 29th October 2006

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As my Hangover eventually lifted, as a complete contrast to the start of the day with HOG and the chrome (report) I braved the London Traffic and headed to the Ace Cafe for the Rat Bike Revue
But being the Ace cafe there were lots of other bikes there as well, including two stunning V Maxs.

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Rat bikes are a love hate subject for most bikers, and I will admit to having mixed thoughts on this subject. The Rat bikes of Old were just Old bikes which were kept on the road with any type of equipment and bodge that could keep it going, and indeed there are still some of these still chugging around.

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The Americans evolved their own style of Rat where they stick as much superfluous junk on the bike as possible, thankfully the full effect of that has not reached the UK

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Then in the early 80's a trait for survival bikes, meaning bikes that might possibly survive a post apocolitic disaster, and these tended to be painted black with extra hand guards and the like.

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now there seems to be a total cross over. Though personally spraying a bike black doth not a rat bike make, and the 2 year old Bonneville proved this, though I did like the hand guards.

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and certainly this brings some rather interesting bikes out, of all the bikes that were there the Honda CB550four was the one I liked most, but I'm not sure how long I could live with that exhaust.

 A most pleasant day out