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Sunday 10th December 2006

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as there are lots of photographs I have split them into 2 galleries to help down load times.

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This is the 21st Reading Toy run, organised by the Reading Christian Motorcyclists Association. Where motorcyclists of all sorts take toys and gifts to Dr Banardos.

Waking early despite the party the night before, the day looked promising, clear, frosty and bright with the promised rain staying away, I also did not have a hang over, result.

Wrapping some rather sad moth eaten tinsel around Millie I took the direct route via motorways to Reading, it was as I turned off at junction 11, I realised I really wasn’t sure where the car park we were supposed to be meeting in actually was.

Pootling along the dual carriageway I spotted several mopeds heading the other way covered in decorations, a quick turn round at the roundabout and I soon caught them up.

In but a trice we were at the car park, and we were shoved down the far end. Handy as I was not going to go to Banardo’s but back home for a family lunch.

I had just got my camera out just in time to see my friends from the Thames Valley Vultures arrive. The floodgates then opened and there were bikes everywhere, just about every make, style and size.

P1010510.jpg (124645 bytes)

The scariest one for me was the moped chopper, which wobbled scarily on the move.

 P1010589.jpg (144034 bytes)

The Infamous “Clockwork Orange “ boat trike was there along with Manky Monkeys two minimalist trikes.

There were santa’s galore, and the odd fairy, elf, snowman and even two penguins!!.

P1010668.jpg (225840 bytes) P1010612.jpg (131248 bytes) P1010603.jpg (133560 bytes)

Bikes were dressed as Reindeers, sleighs and draped in all sorts of decorations, one even had a full tree and decorations on it.

For some reason an old Panther also parked next to my bike, I really think they are stalking me.

After a while walking around, chatting to folk and eating mince pies (cheers Ed) at 2pm all the bikes headed off, with full police escort it took 20 minutes for all the bikes to stream out, and I must say it was an impressive sight.

a video clip of some bikes leaving is here 

As the rain started I plodded back to the bike, looking all lone and forlorn in the car park, well that is apart from one Santa on a Triumph Tiger being push started by another Santa.

 I got home as the light was fading, and the rain changed from damp to very wet.

Great to meet a few friends, a great day.


as there are lots of photographs I have split them into 2 galleries to help down load times.