Whitby November 2006


A call had gone out from Saxman, (Blind salesman from several forums), that if anyone fancied visiting Whitby he had arranged reasonably priced accommodation, and a fine idea it sounded to meet friends again.

And thus I was found heading north east'ish, via the Humber bridge (£1.20!!), to Whitby and Swallow cottages http://www.swallowcottages.co.uk/.

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And all was going fine, Beverley looks a beautiful town and it may be nice to head back, but after I passed Beverley so the night drew in rapidly, storm force winds and rain in squalls hit as well, lovely NOT.

With being so exposed up on the moor, it was quite an effort to hold on, and I was very grateful when like a lighthouse in a storm a petrol station loomed and I sought shelter and found I was only a few miles away.

On arrival I found, Shep, Baglady, Yoda, krammer and Yvonne were already ensconced in their stable trying to warm up.

Yoda had already scared the owner silly by falling out of his chair once, while signing in, a trick, which earned him, breakfast in bed.

After a while, having unloaded, and full of coffee, we headed off to the elusive “Hare and Hounds” home of the mighty men’s onion club. With the legendary powers only Yoda can pull forth, Yoda completely mucked up the directions of turn left and left, poor Shep driving his sick car had to U turn twice.

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But the pubs greeting was warm and the food good and the beer went down well, Saxman and Sprint Bint (without bruises) arrived with Redone, Alice and Abbs. It was only now several pints down; Sax warmed us of the after effects of Cameron’s Strong-arm beer, far far too late.

Late that evening we returned tired but happy, and I was asleep in seconds, which is probably why I was awake before most Saturday.

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Suffering a tad from the effects of “Strong Arse” as Saxman put it, lethal stuff, it certainly was a tad windy in the trossacks as they say.

A fine breakfast, and while Yoda went to talk bikes with Vic Jefford at destiny Cycles Krammer, Yvonne and I took in the sights of Whitby.

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An old whaling Village Whitby has a real charm. Captain Cook set sail from here, and Bram Stoker wrote “Dracula” here, the ruined abbey dominates the skyline, so we walked the 199 steps (I didn’t count them, I took the notice as read) up to visit. Where we were almost blown over. As it was armistice day, it was nice just standing peacefully at 11 while the flare denoted the 2 minutes silence,

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Then a hike up to the whalebone arch followed by a bit more of a stroll, before we found a cab back.

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It was just starting to drizzle on our return, but I thought I would risk riding back to the whalebones for a photo shoot, by the time I was there, it was tipping down, so no further venturing out.

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Back to base, a quick coffee and I wrote my postcards, and decided to find a post-box, which was fatal as it was opposite the pub, and so I was trapped from 3 until gone 11 in the pub.

Dougie and Fran made it down from Edinburgh, all had a pleasant night, not many photos’s as just a nice night.

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Next morning a cracking sunny but cool day and as heading over the moors Yoda and Krammer took this shot of me.

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623 miles in total, and a great weekend

Thanks for the Idea Saxman