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Well that’s a rum old thing, one of the silliest and exciting things in the motorcycling calendar, and my in-laws who lived in Kings Lynn where Dirttquake is run move south denying me of cheap accommodation. A romantic weekend away in a hotel it is then, or that’s how I sold it to my good lady. Booking hotel ages in advance and then later finding out that a camping area has now been arranged nearby.


Dirtquake has two distinct events on the weekend; the first on the Friday night is a round of the Dirt Track Racing Associations when the professionals race, with classic racing too. It was fast and enthusiastic and there were some wonderful balletic movements as riders fell off, the second event being Saturdays shenanigans where the more inappropriate and unprofessional riders take part in several classes.


The event now in its fourth year has also been getting bigger and bigger with contingents coming from all over Europe now, Guy Martin the well-known motorcycle racer and speed freak was also racing both days, sporting his new short haircut and had arranged also for a wall of death to be there which is a cool thing.


Making a weekend of it we had a pleasant evening on the Friday and even managed to pick and cheer on the winning team, getting used to the three races and then a final format and the fact riders change around starting positions each time from middle to back row. For those staying late there was a live band late into the night.


Saturday and we thought we were at the stadium early, but it was already packed and the bike park was already busy with some interesting bikes.  I managed to sneak into the pits and caught up with Odgie as he was fettling his bike ready to race.


With lots more people there this year we found a comfortable position and awaited PC Dibble in his Nissan police car to lead the teams out.


Guy martin was riding the crazy horse chopper in two catergories and then my good ladies heart missed a beat as Charlie Boorman rode out, that was it puppy dog all day looks all day looking out for Charlie, apparently I am meant to let my Mrs marry him if ever he becomes available, well him or David Seaman.


Racing was fast and furious well for those that didn’t break down and was huge fun, with bikes ranging from pizza scooters to brand new Harleys straight from the shop all thrown round a dirt track, and for those that think the current style of hipster and brat bikes is obly for looks, you should watch the way these guys race. Also there was motorcycle limbo and moped tug of war and a childrens cycle race it was great.


The weather stayed excellent for us and at the end of the day it was good that both Odgie had won in inappropriate road class and Guy in his classes.


Awards were sort of awarded when people werer found and the party went on into the night.


Fantastic, weekend and I have already been told I need to go next year, I should worry my wife has a large man sized net for next year.



























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