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The pits

Who ever thought this idea up is either: a/ a genius b/ a sadist c/ not at all right in the head.

And what is this idea I hear you ask, “Dirtquake” now in its third year created by Sideburn magazine with the idea of taking everyday bikes and ragging them around a speedway track. Or as the brochure said, racing the bikes not allowed in other races.

Now speedway and American flat track bikes are strange enough, but they are built to continuingly turn left, with no brakes and punchy engines.

With a few different classes, classic, inappropriate bikes and chopper it was always going to be interesting.

I have not been on previous years but there was such a buzz on social media and in the press a weekend away was planned around it. I have also been told many more folk were creating bikes specifically for the event and many seemed to come from the continent.

Strolling through the car park you just knew this would be good, with an interesting selection of vehicles, from trucks to the C90 owners club (yes really)

As if you thought the concept of racing inappropriate bikes on a speedway track was strange enough, the rest of the entertainment was equally unusual. Davros was compere for the day, with music supplied by dream themes; they played TV theme tunes from many eras. Add to the mix a giant mobile pie and celebrity guests, in this case Colin Furze you-tube engineer and rural plumber also Guy Martin who was racing in the chopper class, and did not stop smiling. In fact smiling was the way that most of the day went.

It was nice to catch up with Blue Editor of 100% who asked me nicely if I could take lots of photos, now I am not the tallest in the world, but the height of the barrier did cause poor Blue a problem, though really I think she just wanted a good old gossip with Minxy.

The French team who were on a scooter and dressed as super Mario were having a whale of a time and spent as long in the pits entertaining as they did on the track.

On a very warm day the jet bike brought along by Colin Furze ensured those that were standing close by were also treated to a singeing or two with masses of flames. But I was slightly worried about the giant Viking and one guy in heavy fur coat racing in their outfits. I think the heat even got to the giant pork pie as that caught fire also.

Ok actually the most random scene of the day may have been seeing a giant Mr Porky trying to catapult packets of pork scratchings into the crowd, but this and a childrens cycle race was a great crowd pleaser.

Crazy Horse customs were responsible for the “chopper” that Guy Martin was riding and on which he eventually won the class on.

Despite what looked like dis-organised chaos the whole event ran really smoothly and on time, a brilliant day out and well worth the tenner entry, with my good ladies family living nearby, I believe another trip may be on when next this is on. Brilliant fun


Photos used in article in issue 185 of 100% biker