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Well to be honest, I was a little nervous before I headed off to Dirtquake 5, the buzz on social media gave me the feeling that this year there were so many people stating they were going that it wold have spoilt the special atmosphere that the event has, and for those in the know we are still in morning for the pie, though Dibble does well as a substitute.

On the Friday the racing which is mainly the professional classes was as frantic as ever, though sadly now with so many racers, access to the pits was only available to those with passes which I did not have and not being the tallest fellow I was a bit swamped by steel footed riders. Infact one of the great things about dirtquake is the clonking sound as riders hobble around in their steel shoes. There were several big offs too but always good to see the riders get up and walk away. The french were as crazy as ever.

So the plan was then forged that I would sit back and just enjoy the weekend as a spectator my good lady and me settling down on a comfy spot in the viewing stand, not far from the beer and tea stall. Several riders for the mayhem that is Saturdays races were practicing and I still could not get over the idea of two brand new Harley street 750’s being dirt tracked, but the riders seemed to having fun. Guy Martin was racing in two classes, but was far more successful on his homemade bike than the pro bike.

For those staying on the camp site the party went on late into the night, with wall of death and band after the racing.

Saturday and our fears of it being a crush were misguided, yes it was busy but it never felt crazy. Getting there early, we once again set up in the stands and watched the world go by.

Such now is the popularity of this events , there were loads of practice races, with classes such as Harley, inappropriate road bikes, girls and the one everyone wanted choppers. This year Guy Martins bike as created by Krazy Horse had some superbly stretched and raked forks, which he admits scared the heck out of him, but he didn’t seem to be too phased about it.

Practice over we were once again entertained by dream themes (can we have something new next year please)  and a marching band. Stunts by some of the pro riders and a kids bicycle race, ably “won” by a toddler on a balance bike. While the bay city rollers impossible bike with wonky wheels looked fun and the wall of death had regular queues.

Carl Fogarty was also racing in the inappropriate class and it was fast and has to be said whether fast or slow all were giving it their all. Even more so in the finals when in the girls race the expected winner stalled and going too fast to catch up came off in style but was ok and planning on coming back again.

The chopper class final was the last race and guy martin wobbled on a corner, letting Odgie through on his 650 BSA which after a close tussle he won, brilliant. And third place was another BSA. Well done Odgie.


Presentations over it was time to head home, sunburnt and happy another brilliant weekend, and great to just sit back and relax and watch. Dirtquake still ace, thank you




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