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Back in 2012 while at a show in Kent I promised myself that I one day would get to the Drink Drop and Doss rally held by the Rejects Brotherhood.. the tagline for the DDD being "The Biggest Little Rally" which certainly seemed a challenge to check out.

Now in 2013I thought I was a lot more organised but I almost forgot about this event until reminded by the Rejects Brotherhood the week before. A quick check of my diary and yep the invitation accepted I was organised of a sort.

So that dear reader is how I found myself riding 90 miles, I did not realise just how away this was, to the DDD in weather you wouldn't put a cat out into.. infact the 4 felines we are servants too at home had all sensibly looked out of the window on the same morning and decided the sofas were the best place to be. I was wet and arrived under leaden skies but the incredibly warm welcome at the gate by the Brotherhood, even those wielding chainsaws, made me instantly feel better.

One revitalising and warming cuppa later (from a teapot no less, none of this bag in cup style, all posh like) and I was ready to wander the superb site and relax and slowly like the clouds my mood lifted. And as the clouds lifted I could see the stunning views rally goers have at this site.

This is difficult to explain, but it very soon struck me I was in a very happy place, even those that had suffered a torrential downpour the night before were incredibly chipper and enthused over how relaxed they felt and how special this rally is, the mood soon rubbed off on me and already I wanted to stay longer than my planned day.Even "Stumps" who had a lot of his book stock ruined beyond saving due to the downpour philosophically packed up the stall and carried on to party.  I also have to say I thought the vendors prices on the reasonable side also.

Being close to the Channel Tunnel and the Ports of Folkestone and Dover meant there was a good few clubs from France and Belgium and even a few from Russia this gave it a great continental feel. The camaraderie of the joint passions of Motorcycles and having a great time breaking down any linguistic barriers. Even though it was only early afternoon our foreign friends were seriously into enjoying themselves from the well stocked bar and  enjoying the sounds from "Salty Dog". I was worried at first about after seeing the name about an afternoon of thick argyle sweatered cider drinking sea shanties we were instead delighted to hear a good selection of foot tapping tunes.

The inclement weather of the morning meant the Bike Show was moved indoors into one arm of the tardis like Marquee, typically as the weather improved, but I have no ideas of categories and winners etc as by then I was enjoying chatting to folk and through ally enjoying the music. Scary had been extolling the delights of her new Bonneville cafe racer build the week before, and it has to be said I was very pleased with the "Justrightness" of the bike. There were several learners which is always good to see and a varied mix after that possible best bike for me the Black Suzuki street fighter which sat just right.

The T shaped Marquee also held a  rather well stocked bar and stage taking up various ends of the marquee I like layouts like this as it always adds interest rather than one long marquee.

Sadly I said my farewells before the evenings soiree and bands including a Ska Band got going and got myself rather lost on the way home looking for a windmill, whats new there I really must stop this urge for finding them.

Next year I really must make the event for a weekend, this first taster certainly will not be my last


As Seen in BSH issue 359 March 2013

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