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Drink Drop and Doss


Report in issue 218 of 100% biker



For those of us of a certain age thinking back 30 years to 1986 can bring back interesting memories. For me I would have been in my early 20's and I was running a much used, abused, modified  and oft broken CB400N Super dream. At the time probably in a shade of British racing green with straight bars and rearsets as I recall throwing it down the E16 in Belgium the year before and this was one of its reincarnations following this.

At around the same time I brought myself a new tent, a fab green ride tent, officially for 3 people but always just right for a Bosun.

But what in the name of all things painted green has this to do with the Rejects Brotherhood Drink Drop and Doss Rally. Well it is the 30th of these fine rallies, known affectionately as the biggest little rally in Kent and the rally in the valley.

Now sadly the super dream is no longer with us and can see no record of XPG 626 Y on the DVLA Database being taxed since 1990 but I have still been using the same tent at rallies for some years, albeit much repaired and patched up and so on a Friday which can best be described as moist I loaded up and headed to deepest Kent.

Arriving on site the Rejects were doing sterling work at ensuring a safe and unslippy access. I was also told that I was unusual in not complaining about the weather, and it has to be said I was wetter than an otters pocket, but if we wanted dry we wouldn't ride motorcycles would we.

It didn't take too long to put my tent up and within moments saw it become a paddling pool oh dear. So I headed too the sanctuary of the bar, whereupon I soon found solace in a pint and raised a glass to the possible demise of my poor nylon and metal accommodation. Meeting lots of folk who I have bumped into this year, both new and old, and many from the continent, Dover is only a short hop away, many  though were still a little worse for wear from a Thursday night. Being the 30th rally there were many who decided to bring their own interpretation of the 1980's Margaret Thatcher next to Freddy Mercury was definitely surreal. When the dampness let off outside became alive  with fire jugglers and a great party atmosphere  I had a brilliant evening.  with a AC/DC tribute band to round off the night.

In the morning and still damp it was obvious that my fears were true and my poor tent was now way past any rescue as I could see daylight from my bed. Oh dear. I wasn't the only one though, but still the magic of this perfect rally kept everyone in a great mood, with a great afternoon of acoustic music  and a bike show with some cool classic chops.

Sadly unable to stay I headed home, plans are already underway for the 31st on  14 to 17 September


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