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30 is an impressive age for any club, and the girls of the English Rose Sisterhood have waited an extra 2 years to celebrate in style as 30. Because surely 30 is when you are meant to be a grown adult, I looked around in wonderment at the site, reminding of that old adage “when I grow up i want to be a biker, well make your mind up you cannot be both”. I vaguely recall my 30 Birthday (almost 30 years ago now) a very liquid party with interesting consequences, including my dad falling asleep in the only loo, and ex-girlfriend informing me she’s a lesbian, and in the aftermath, plans were made to ride my then GPZ550 around the UK, which didn’t happen but maybe we should leave it there

The venue “The Hook and Hatchett” has to be one of the most hidden away pubs anywhere in the UK, however far you have ridden, the pub is still round yet more tiny country roads. Despite its location between two of our busiest motorways on the top of a big hill it is an Oasis of calm. And yet it hosts all sort of events including a regular bike night. It’s also a campsite which was handy.  Entry to the party was £10 but you could be refunded £5 if leaving by 6. I didn’t see many though that requested a refund, as that went to charity.

Onsite there was also a Hen Party who were celebrating in the onsite Yurts, probably they were not expecting such a deluge of bikes on site but seemed to join in happily.  Thankfully on a really hot day, there was plenty of tree cover, so lots of folks sat outside and rehydrated from the outside bar. With folk arriving from abroad, lots of friendships were being remade with smiles everywhere.

Surprisingly on top of the roof of the pub there was a stage where the bands played, it was certainly different, but a neat idea and sound was surprisingly good.

As is tradition at the roses party there were silly games, and they didn’t need much persuasion to find participants. These were enthusiastically partaken of, lots of cheating, and it doesn’t seem many bothered with rules but who cares, from Dizzy sticks to dressing in a wheelbarrow, space hobbers, and pinata beating in wheelbarrows. All the spectators had to watch out for were the water pistols, but on a hot day who cared nice to be squirted.

There were several prizes for bikes etc, but I have no idea who won what or when presented. A fabulous way to celebrate well done to all the Roses.

2 albums of photos and videos