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As seen in issue 460 of Back Street Heroes

Now for those expecting many pictures of sparingly clad firefighters its best to disappoint you now, for this was an event organised by the Firefighters motorcycle club, to raise funds for Oli. Oli being a 15-year-old lad with a rare brain tumour, and the charity collection is towards possible new and ongoing treatment in Germany. So even as although many of the club may not be active fighters their caring nature looks at alternative ways to save life.

So, the shout went out for a charity bike day at the training base in Rochester, Dickens I thought, I may even be able to find that and as the sun shone and folk came, and then more folk came, the marshals did an ace job, especially when a flurry of trikes arrived, and it wasn’t long before every inch of spare tarmac at the fire and rescue centre was covered.

Being in Kent and close to the ports It even enticed quite a few fire fighters’ clubs from Europe as well who seemed to be enjoying themselves. Keeping the relaxed vibe was a solo singer and a few stalls in a sort of market place area. Being early season catching up with folk from all over was good. It was that busy that it was easy to miss folk too and I’m sorry for those I didn’t catch. I think many were hunting shade.

I’ve no idea how much was raised as even now a couple of weeks on I think they are still counting, but I did see a large cheque presentation with one club giving £1200 and there were lots of notes going in the charity buckets, you could also buy support badges etc and many gave to the just giving.  

There was a bike show, but all along the day was quite fluid and mobile so not sure how they worked out the winners. Winners on the day were: Best streetfighter Blue Suzuki bandit, Best custom purple Harley, Best classic BSA bantam, Best in show long red chop. But the main bike park was in itself a fab bike show, and I loved the sportster flat trackers, the well-used triumph, the semi rat Kawasaki, and of course the Vincent black prince and chair.  For the bike I would have wanted to ride home, well that was a flip between a brown Cx500c (oddly always wanted one) and the Kawasaki 4 street bike which just begged to be ridden far.

A great show, fab venue and good times what more do you need and we all wish Oli the best in future treatment .

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