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Foundry Motorcycles Spring BBQ


Article in issue 226 of 100% Biker



Now I really like Foundry motorcycles as you never know quite what will come out of their workshops .With Tom having a background in art there has been a steady stream of beautiful and interesting builds coming out of the south coast workshop. and it's great that they have different engines styles etc and will take on small modifications to a whole build. Builds also incllude modern triumphs and Ducati's to older triumphs and matchless.

Despite the weather reports suggesting we may have thunder storms a glorious but blustery day it was the perfect day for riding add to this it's always a good ride down the Sussex roads to visit even if a few friends volunteered me to lead. And then  there is always great coffee and for this event on 1st April also a bbq.

On arrival the parking area was already full with an eclectic mix of bikes, including several of Foundries builds old and new. and then there were the oddities like the moped and fabulous Honda single bike. There was free beer and the ever excellent coffee and local burgers.

After lots of chatting with folk I haven't seen in ages i took the opportunity to visit the splendid Tangmere military museum just along the road.