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Now let me start by saying this was a fine and splendid event which I really enjoyed.

Foundry Motorcycle have been tinkering away so busily in their premises in deepest Sussex that they forgot to have an opening party so instead hosted a first anniversary ride in. Now this is a good thing for several reasons, April last year the weather was horrid, and also I was rather wrapped up in planning my own party.

So the guys at Foundry carried on being busy for a year and along the way made some tidy BMW customs and various other neat bikes, and learnt to make good coffee.

So on a glorious spring morning, the call went out and the people came to celebrate their first anniversary. Just follow the sign on the old Ariel, and what an eclectic mix it was, classic bikes, adventure bikes, chops, sports bikes and custom bikes. The only style missing was a trike while I was there, but I can cope with that as I am currently rather afraid of anything three wheeled.

Many of the foundry builds were on display which was nice, but the moving feast for your eyes was in the car park, which was bathed in the sunshine.   

A gorgeous red and chrome Triumph mettisse with a screen made from a bell helmet visor seemed to be most peoples favourite, I have seen Romeo 80 before, Ian Solleys’ lovely BMW, but only in a static display it was great to see and hear it on the move, and the handmade wheels are even more gorgeous out in the sunshine. There were also a lot more seemingly well used bikes such as Harleys and Moto-guzzis and several older BMW’s coming out the woodwork.

Siting drinking coffee and watching the people come and go was the way to go, oh yes I can confirm the coffee was good. But after a while the spring sunshine and a nearby aviation museum tempted me back out to play.

I look forward to seeing more of their builds as the sneaky look in the workshop was tempting.



As seen in 100% Biker issue 182