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As seen in issue 256 of 100%

There is never a reason not to attend a NCC public event as there will always be the coolest collection of bikes especially when custom bikes is your thing, however its been a little while since i have been to Kent's Frame and Flames and so it was time to rectify this.  

Having fought my bike for a few weeks after some fettling my bike was  bike riding sweet with correct tyre pressures now. However sweet this maybe chasing chopper club members down the motorway, hoping they knew where we were going,  who were making rapid progress was not achievable, so I hoped that somehow I would remember how to find the pub.

So I followed some other bikes who said they knew where they were going (I should have been warned) led to a very scenic route through villages, some i am sure twice,  and a breakdown too absolutely fantastic and great fun. Thanks guys for letting me tag along.

as ever a very warm welcome at the show and I squeezed my bike into one of the few remaining spaces near the railway.

The show area was already packed and impossible to move in and there were some stunning  bikes too , I really liked the aluminium bodies Yamaha, which i believe later won best scooter. So I must apologise for less show bike photos than usual. Although this is now the norm at the show, I really hope that nothing is changed because it really has a glorious feeling of being just right.

As well as bikes there were also random tractors but somehow that's cool.

and a big shout out for the tea and cake tent, yes this made your erstwhile reporter very happy.

after a very pleasant afternoon catching up with folk I haven't seen in a while, granddad duties (yes I know I look too young)  drew me away, though i could happily have stayed all afternoon. Asking several folk, the best way back to the motorway, left me with at least 4 options, so I plumped for a few and headed back a happy bunny.