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The last couple of years I have treated my good lady to tickets to the Goodwood Festival of speed, but does this seem enough, oh now, I fancy going to the Goodwood Revival she says, so this year as an extra treat and to make my poor credit card wilt some more I brought tickets to the Revival.

The tickets come in a rather natty holder with tips for dressing well for the event. Mmm no jeans and t shirts then, so a rummage round charity shops and my dad’s wardrobe for a suitable tie and we were suitably attired.

I was very glad we did make the effort as it was immediately obvious as we walked to the entrance that everyone had made an effort. Folk were dressed up in all manner of period styles from the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and sixties.

Infact the few folk seen in t shirt and shorts stood out a mile it was good to blend into the background.

Held around the Goodwood race circuit the racing is a big part and there are two motorcycle races as well. There was a wall of death, and more fabulous old cars, aircraft and bikes than you can shake a stick at, sadly without a paddock pass I couldn’t get close to some of the really cool motors even using my best secret squirrel style.

The site away from the track is laid out with little scenes or vignettes of different eras, whether this is a period Tescos, the St Trinains girls, Walmington on Sea Dads Army, Brighton Pier and Mods and Rockers or a scene from the Wild Ones.  

Now this was just a bit cool, but for those more observant, how the booze fighters could ride anywhere I do not know as some bikes seemed to be missing chains.

You could happily soak up the atmosphere in any era you wished to enjoy and in some ways it struck me that although the racing was important the being part of a scene seemed to be as important.

The parking as well was seriously cool with more Jaguar e types in a car park than I have ever seen.

We had a great day and I hope you enjoy some of the pictures, now what will my good lady ask for next year?


Car park



Earls Court