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Now with this custom event being my closest to home event all of 8 miles, it seemed only logical I should have a ride out first, and when a bunch of mates (read reprobates and n’er do wells) suggest a ride from their pub it seemed a plan.

Now it has to be said I have seen my mates look brighter than they were for a ride out, but apparently the band the night before was ace, and several had only managed minimal sleep. Me I felt bright as a button and had already visited one breakfast meet much to the annoyance of those trying to consume enough coffee to stay upright.

Once we had swapped various bits around on friends triumphs, batteries etc and eventually got then started we were raring to go. So in classic old school ride out style we had split into several groups within seconds, and no one had a clue brilliant.

But it didn’t take too long to get to the rugby club and Headstock 2 the Southdowns NCC show where it seemed all had made it, the lure of spicy hot dogs drawing them in.

A change from last year, all was now set on the one field with show bikes one side, and others opposite this made it better to stroll around, there was also music by the splendid tube snake boogie band. This band fronted by Nick Paxton frontman of Musos on Bikes and owner of a glorious Suzuki chop.

Being the NCC there were some ace bikes and some serious mileage put in, one of the neatest bikes a steam punk styled sportster had just ridden back from a show the previous day in cheddar, fair played sir.

Of the bikes in the show I loved the yellow Yamaha streetfighter style bike, which had a real purpose, and the blue moto guzzi which apparently had raced in the TT in the 70s and then put on road following year this bike later won best old timer.

Now I have seen Dave Hows splendid “all the fun of the fair” Triumph several times, but it was the first time I had heard it as he rode in, lush is the best word, it was deserved best in show and best Triumph.

A steady flow of bikes through the centre of the site also helped as it brought real life to the event. And the bank was a lovely position to sit and watch the world go by.

Other prizes included best jap and paint to the orange Suzuki chop and best shiny and Harley to the long forked Harley and Mr P won best rat and its really is time he builds something else as it must be over six months.

Now call me a wuss if you wish, but I declined my friends offer of following them to another event, not just as I didn’t fancy a mystery trip to an event 30 miles away but also because I was enjoying the atmosphere so much. A great day out.