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Article in issue 226 of 100% biker


On a day when it was hotter than Hades and those of a Ginger persuasion were warned to hide in refrigerators it seemed natural to head to an unshaded rugby club for Headstock the South Downs branch of the National Chopper Club show. I like Chopper Club events as these styles of bikes are what make me tick.

Now I have nothing against the rugby club or sun, but it was hotter than a hot thing in a hot place and a warm welcome by Bear and Beaky really didn’t help. The few areas that had shade were at a premium and the queue for the bar and ice-cream incredible.

A little bit of a strange set up found the band and a few traders outside of the bike show arena while custom cars were a long way down the field, although oddly many cars had arrived about two hours before the show and moved on as it opened. So Dave brought along his 1950’s 6Litre diesel two stoke single field master tractor, an amazing machine which thuds every second lamp post and seems to have the driver whirling like a dermish to control it is fabulous and makes you smile.

But let’s get onto the real reason for the day out, the bike show, being father’s day and with lots of other events on and had I mentioned it was hot, it was not as packed a show as expected, though there were some worthy entrants as ever in the carpark which could have entered. But whether packed or not there was quality on show.

Two bikes which could almost be twins, if one wasn’t a triumph and the other a Harley, sat sparkling next to each other. Dave How’s Red Triumph won best paint and Matt Burbury’s Harley won best bright work and best in show, the sparkle of course because both bikes had had the Stigs custom paint magic and he really is the master of flake. It was the first time I have seen Matts bike and I have to say it was very stylish and the paintwork incredible. It was nice to meet Stig as well who was relaxing after eventually finishing setting up his new paint shop the day before. Yes it is already covered in flake.

Jim had brought along his pretty little Suzuki which also won best custom and the big blue trike had to win best trike as it was it was the only trike on the field. I was particularly fond of the green BSA which seemed to be a survivor from the 1970’s and was for sale for £1800 so I am only £1795 short as I looked in pocket and found a fiver so feeling flush this was soon spent on an ice-cream

But sadly the sun got to me even wearing factor 50 and wearing a rotten hat so I escaped home. This show has the promise of something special so fingers crossed for even more next year.