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This year the Harley Davidson Riders Club GB celebrate 65 years of existence.

And from the archives was found a photograph taken at one of the very early meetings at the White Lion at Egham.

A public house that has survived the ravages of the modern era and still looks amazingly like it did all those years ago.

From the photograph it was found that there were still a few founder members around and possibly some of the original bikes

And with this in mind the HDRCGB leapt into action and a rallying call went out to all and folks came from near and far in the UK and Vic Richardson one of the founder members flew over from Australia for this meet.

While researching it was found that the white lion even had some of the original documents and by a chance meeting Terri Davey another founder was also found via contacts in the pub.

With permission from the landlord to remove the outside table and chairs and chains, all that was needed was a few bikes to fill in the front.

Now I have no idea how many bikes turned up as there were bikes everywhere, in the back carpark, down the road and milling around.

Tim, Mort and others orgainsed a selection of bikes to create a line up with all sorts of makes and models from 45’s to servicars, shovels and more modern machines. And all ridden in the HDRCGB can truly say it is a riders club.

Once lined up and with Vic and Terri taking up the front it was time for the photo shoot. And typically the quiet Sunday traffic went crazy

Photo shoot and Mexican wave (no idea who started that)  over it was time for Vic to present the landlord with a memento of the original event.

What a brilliant way to celebrate your 65th, more details on the HDRCGB can be found at


As seen in American V issue 69

Aug/Sept 2014



The shoot