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Since almost the dawn of time, I believe folk have enjoyed and embrassed the styles of previous generations.

Through plays and re-enactments and societies in the memory of eras, monachs and events. Just think of the sealed knot and those that love ww2.

In motorcycle and motoring terms there are folks passionate about vintage, veteran, American  and classic bikes.

In fact there may even be more mods and rocker themed vehicles on the road now then there may have been in the 1960’s.

And then there is the hotrod scene which creates such events as the Hotrod Hayride and emerging from this is Hipsville.

A celebration of the 1960’s scene outside of the mainstream popular music, GO GO and Garage being the main scene.

Held at the rather splendid Bisley Shooting centre in Surrey this years theme was space and a Tiki party.

Dressed in my most resplendent Hawaiian shirt purchased especially for the occasion, I headed out in the glorious spring sunshine to be transported back in time. I rode up and found a Spaceman, and what do you do when you find a spaceman you like park man…

Cue thermatron music and a wobbly screen and I was back in the weird 1960’s.

Oh there were some sore heads on site, mainly from the lethal combination of cocktails available from the very busy bar.

Although limited there were some rather neat bikes and a some cool cars around and for those not recovering from the night before there were some great and varied bands  including the superbly named “Davros and the deep space deviant’s” more punk than 60’s but then as it was explained this is more of a feeling of the era a pastiche as such and the object was to have fun.

A vintage market kept those with money spare busy and lots of people watching and friendly folk was the way to go .

The effort the organisers had put in was incredible with huge robots, total transformation of the main hall and the tikki bar. Personally the HAL computer was a wonder to behold a cross between space 1999 and Star trek whoever thought that up was a genius.

Now it was a warm day and whenever the bands play in a small area, hot is an understatement, I think the only act pleased with the warmth was the burlesque dancer who was obviously so warm her clothes fell off ooops.

The atmosphere was laid back to say the least and who cared if you had a necklace of monster eyes, blue hair, grass skirt or like a hillbilly all were welcome. And folk were dancing even at midday very keen.

Next year the theme is Horror, which if they have the same flair as this year it promises to be a great weekend .. be there or be unhip man.


As seen in 100% Biker issue 185 October 2014

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