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Thursday May 2nd and a day of decisions some easy some hard
first which box to put a cross into as we voted in local elections sometimes a challenge
no difficulty though on a sunny night, its a ride to club night day
and the smiles of most riders showed that after a grim winter the chance to ride to club night was the tonic we all needed.
next decision find a team to join for the annual quiz night, I found a space on "Team I am" and we started putting more crosses in boxes on quiz sheets.
with high hopes of coming last, we were soon worryingly near the top.
by half time we were afraid of winning (the winners of course run the following years quiz)
but then more decisions as we had a free drink token, and the dealership had brought down the new Breakout, so it was sit on the red bike time, it is a very sweet bike, but not enough to tempt me away from Milly.
second half, two rounds to go and horrors we ended up in a three way tie for first.
tie break time, and despite some technical hitches "the shadows and Fleetwood mac had left the building" we strategically came joint second (that's our excuse and we are sticking to it, the fact we didn't know the song is irrelevant) clever enough to come first bright enough not to win.
well done to all involved and a brilliant evening