Central Southern Party


Central Southern Party

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A glorious sunny day, and the invite to a party in Oxfordshire, life just doesn’t get much better, well it would if you do not have raging tooth ache.

Riding a bike with toothache is interesting as it throws your sense of balance, thank goodness for chemist strength chemicals. Mainly for this reason I decided not to camp, a decision I was soon to regret.

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A lovely venue, and a perfect chilled afternoon with friends, bikes and a beer, life was at one.

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It was my first time at a full HDRCGB event, and yet it felt just so right.

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Just chatting for hours is a great way to spend an afternoon

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The band was setting up, and Stevie “travelling minstrel” had arrived just as I was leaving, but all the omens were in the right place for a fantastic evening, I look forward to the tales from those who partied hard.

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Next time, I shall stay.