Lord of the rings


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Lord of the rings

Sunday June 3rd

as ever click on pictures to enlarge, if you would like higher resolution copies please email

a Glorious sunny day, and box hill was packed, as we met up at a very leisurely 10am for a ride to Avebury to be led by Steve.

A couple of Mankey monkeys pretty little trikes arrived just as we were leaving:

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and then it was off for a very enthusiastic ride through the nice routes to Avebury

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Inside the Stone circle, The largest Neolithic Stone circle in Britain and a world Heritage Centre, there is a Pub called the Red lion, and here we squeezed into the car park the majority of the travellers then headed for a hearty

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while they ate I took a stroll around the stones, and did a little light shopping

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The triumph owners club were also there, and some nice Suzuki GT's

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As the clock struck 3, well if there was a clock so we headed home

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except I decided to visit Lechlade where I hoped to find the Statue of Father Thames

now this really would have helped if I had an idea where of it was, one huge u turn later and I was back in Swindon, ooops

Oh well on a sunny day who worries .