Day trip to France


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Day trip to France, May 12

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Up at some unfeasible time of 4.45 in the morning, especially having crawled into bed at 1.00 I dragged my weary carcass round to where Milly sat awaiting the day.

It was damp and very blustery, but nowhere near as bad as forecasters said and by 6.00 I was fuelled up and drinking tea at Clacketts.

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Steadily the bikes rolled in, and then the day began as Dik led us down to Ashford meeting Keith and the Tunnel to France.

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The tunnel is really the only way to travel to La belle Francais.

Thirty-Five minutes we arrived at a sunny but blustery France, First stop Fuel and Breakfast,

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Then Keith led us up and down, round and back along some of the nicest roads on the Cote D’Opale I have ever ridden, the views were stunning.

As we weaved way though the almost deserted roads if you were lucky enough to be near the back, the procession of bikes roared and swung its way along the lanes like a serpent.

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Just as Lunchtime called we pulled up in the old town of Boulogne, just below the basilica of the Cathedral De Notre Dame.

it certainly was a site for tourists and locals alike.

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From here we had three hours to wander, shop and enjoy a light repast.

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Many found tables straight away; I have never explored the old town of Boulogne. A great walled town the ramparts having been restored you can now walk all around the town, and look down upon the busy harbour and the town below.

Boulogne is still the busiest fishing port in France, though with the way the waves were crashing against the sea walls I was glad we were not on a boat.

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Finding Postcards and a goodly selection of fine bottled ales, I took my booty back to the bike before off to hunt an elusive pint of Palten, my favourite Flanders ale. It remained illusive.

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The older parts of the town had monuments everywhere, and included this one for those who died in wars prior to the first of the world wars, I found the rose a touching tribute.

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Esurient now I curtailed my traversing and headed for food, finding a rather nice Café deTh’e where I was served by a very nice young lass who provided me nuclear strength coffee and food.

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Back to meet the others

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 and then it was off again, through the main town.

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Out to Cap Griz Nez where to say the least it was windy, a few pictures

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 and off for afternoon Tea, which I think was Wissant but to be honest I just followed the leader.

Here as the others sat and waited for drinks, or raided the local patisserie I explored more and found even more bottles of beer, and a long walk to the beach, I gave up and wandered back to the others.

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An enthusiastic ride back then to the tunnel, a rush around the duty free for parents, and then a cracking ride back up the motorways home.

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An excellent day out, and some brilliant new roads, what more can you ask for.