March 11th Ride


March 11th Ride

Surrey HOG Ride

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What a glorious day, the sun was out and it seemed every bike had come out of hibernation

16 Surrey HOG members met up at Box hill for a ride down to the Devils Punchbowl at Hindhead.

With Grahams bike taking a short semester in Essex while its new home is being built, Graham rode pillion on Gary's bike, a kind of human back seat sat nav.

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with the drop off system explained (and which worked perfectly)

 we headed off down pretty lanes and roads, keeping away from the main roads

it was as the signs started to say Chichester I did wonder a little bit.

One u-turn later, and a scoot through a bust station

 and we found ourselves at the Smith and Weston at Chichester.

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It was still a cracking run, and while the others waited for a brunch, I headed home for an appointment with a roast dinner, briefly stopping at Bury Hill on the return, and noting that Boxhill had opened their extra car park as I passed , spring is obviously here, roll on next weekends Pioneer run..

A very  nice morning out, and Milly got her long awaited wash and brush up in the afternoon, at last (most of) the whitewalls look white

But now I'm browsing e-bay for the must have 2007 accessory an oilcoiler.