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Petworth House June 17th

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June 17th Fathers day, and the National Trust asked several of the local HOG groups to display their bikes at Petworth House.

Meeting at 10,And 26 bikes arrived at Box Hill. Corky led us there, by following a horse box for miles, it did improve our slow riding skills.

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At Petworth, In Sussex not Kent as I thought (Thats Penshurst) we gained free entry and lined our bikes up opposite the other chapter's bikes already there.

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There was a small stall for teas and coffees and for Hot Dogs (without onions) the prices it have to say were a tad high but at least the coffee was reasonable

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Most took the time to walk around the house, and its very impressive display of paintings and sculptures from a collection dating from 1611 more details here

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a few of us then headed back for lunch at the Haut Boy, new home of Surrey Hog a pleasant day out

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