69th Pioneer Run


69th Pioneer Run

March 18th 2007

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After a cracking week of pure sunshine, the Sunday started cold, wet and horrid, sleet and rain squalls, and far too early as I strolled around the downs at the unearthly hour of 7.15.

This the 69th running of the Pioneer Run, for veteran motorcycles of pre 1914

Also it seems to be the main season starter for most bikes in the southeast.

Of the 362 entrants for this event, there were only two Harley Davidsons entered this year, but plenty of other v twin interest.

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Having watched the first of the intrepid pioneers off, and with the weather getting windier and cooler, I headed down to Boxhill to meet the members of Surrey HOG and some breakfast.

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From here Colin led us the scenic route to Cowfold, and the Chalet truck stop, where we had a great viewpoint to watch the veterans chug by.

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The car park was full of interesting bikes as well, and an Indian so original it was superb.

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From Here Corky led us down the back roads to Brighton, where we were soon indulging in bike watching, eating and enjoying the sunshine.

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I then headed to an old school friends house for a sumptuous lunch and hours of gossip.

A great day  



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