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Wheels Day 2007

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I have always had problems finding Rushmore Arena, Aldershot yes but the Arena no.

So I was more than happy when it was put on the events listing for a HOG ride, Keith will know the way.

And so loaded up with buttered hot cross buns I was at Boxhill at early cuppa o clock. And then steadily a large collection of Surrey HOG’s finest all ready for a day of Hotrods, Hot cross buns and soon to be Hot Hot sun.

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And so we followed Keith down byway and highway until the traffic jam known as Aldershot, if you needed to know the route it was easy just follow the overheating cars.

Eventually after some brave filtering we reached the arena and a small amount of parking, it was fun. Keith then admitted he was not too sure of the route either.

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This is now the 33rd time he Surrey Street Rodders http://www.freewebs.com/surreystreetrodders/index.htm

Have held their “wheels day” and it truly does encompass all things with wheels.

Within seconds our group was split, as the arena is so vast

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But you kept bumping into members left right and centre

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And the trike from the 1970’s was something else.

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It was especially nice to see the Bastinnis biker build off Bikes and Sidecar they built for the Hogs back Brewery. It really is a thing of beauty.

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Obviously there were lots of Cars but I have put these on a separate page link at the top.

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On regrouping at 2 we started the game of who else could find a ¼” 12 point socket in the tool store, and the right bolt for Marks bike.

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I was then due to follow the others for a meal, but it all went wrong, and I got lost, and so ended at the Ace Café, but that is a separate story.