Wild Hogs Day Ace Cafe


Ace Café wild Hogs Day

Good Friday April 6th

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I almost did not go to this event, having been out in the sun, and traffic all morning with Surrey HOG for wheels day I started following, so I thought Keith back out for lunch.

It did not take long to lose him in the masses of traffic and I found myself heading out to the motorway.

Now not having a clue where else to go I went along the M3 to the M25 and headed up to the Ace Café.

Here they were celebrating the upcoming release of the film “wildhogs” this included stunting, pretty girls, members of HOG chapters from all areas, and bikes everywhere.

I missed the HOG Roast, and declined the Chilli eating contest, I met several friends and had a nice stroll around.

A nice way to spend the afternoon.

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