Bikesafe Course

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Bikesafe is the National Rider assessment scheme run by the majority of police forces in the UK.

Costing 50 normally, If you book via the metropolitan Police Transport for London pay 20 towards the day and have weekday venues and courses at either the Warren in Bromley or the Ace Cafe. I chose Bromley and so as 8.30 I was the first bike to arrive.

First things first and they check your bike over and then check you all have the correct paperwork licence etc. The others (there were eight riders in total) steadily arrived, an interesting mix of bikes from a Cagiva Mito 125 to a Suzuki Hyabusa and my Harley, and then it was off for the main business of the day, coffee, biscuits and choosing lunch.

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Well actually it was an hour of theory in the classroom, on positioning and road craft, and then it was on to sorting out who was to ride with which police rider.

Luckily with only a few of us on the course (apparently a few dropped out) I ended up on a one to one, not having to pair up.

The pre lunch route took us round and round Orpington, a horrid one way system, made doubly so by looking out for the Police Rider behind me who was indicating the route. It was then onto the lunch stop and a post ride de-brief, A few pointers but nothing too major.

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One pleasant lunch later and it was off to the Countryside, all bends and Hills around Edenbridge. I made a shocking (but not dangerous) error on one hill, so we tried again, and by the end of the session I was improving 

Back at the Warren it was more feedback time, and a few pointers to work on, so I was quite pleased with that.

A bit more classroom work, prior to presentation of certificates, and then it was home time.

  A thoroughly worthwhile day out.