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Celtic Brotherhood Rally

Brittany 29June-1stJuly

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This is the 22nd running of this rally, and at last I got too it, though I must admit to only hearing of the event over the last couple of years.

Soon there were a few of us going from the Bikerlifestyle Forum, and Freak bravely headed north to a rally in Shetland the week before, somehow missing the floods that plagued the country all week. At a vaguely designated time we met at Portsmouth (if you call Wednesday afternoon a designated time)

Once bikes strapped down (and in one case over tightened by owner until it went over) it was a mini cruise to St Malo.  Firstly a pleasant evening in the bar, and then a snug fit into the worlds tiniest Cabin for four blokes.

Thursday and a perfect riding day greeted us in France, and so we followed POB’s Sat-Nav to the Brothers Clubhouse, straight into a dead-end ooops.

The first of many Cheese and Ham sandwiches was too follow, how is it the French way tastes so much better.

Finding the clubhouse, a gatehouse to a chateau, it was tents up and then off with others for lunch at St Breuc and then back for a great evening of home made entertainment.

Phil from the Green Man MCC really could sing and joined in “Whisky before breakfasts” jam session. In the small hours it was off to bed, or not, as I couldn’t find sleeping bag in the dark.  

The following day, after nuclear strength coffee it was off to the rally site at the hippodrome de la baie near Yffianiac, with Drainage work everywhere a trial bike would have been better.

The main stage and show was all inside the grandstand, and there were some great food stalls also. Tents up, along with The Brothers MRC we headed off to Montcontour for lunch. Ten steaks (horse) later and we headed back replete to the site.

The rest of the evening and groups became a bit of a haze, but lets just say a good night was had by all. With so many English people travelling over there is not really a language problem.  

Next day it was off to the seaside on a well organised ride-out but I could not face the free beer, shock horror.

Another great evening followed. The headline band was Dirty Bertie. Bryn with his tank less sporster won best chop. 

And Phil from Guensey who had fallen down some steps and broke his leg got the award for hard luck story, the Plymouth mcc got best attendance with 36 folk.  

Sunday and it rained as the tents came down, and so the rain continued, as me freak and the brothers headed for St Lo. The journey punctuated by running repairs to some of their bikes.

The fast ferry back and a jobs worth at Portsmouth brought us back to reality with a bump a great weekend, next year it is planned for July 4th and 5th

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