Hastings May Day Run


Hastings May Day Run

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Back from Devon Specially for this and we are are greeted by a cold wet and miserable Bank Holiday, well what else should I expect.

The HDRCGB were meeting at Mikes Farm and knew the way in and more importantly where Breakfast was to be had, so I followed them. The Sussex Coasters sure know how to find a good breakfast as well.

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with a suitable amount of rocks in my pockets to weigh myself down I headed into the Gales to see the brave few who had made it down, there seemed to be a lot of trikes

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And then out to where the main bikes were coming in

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this quad made from a cbr was interesting

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with the Jack and the Green Festival on in the town as well, folk were getting painted left right and centre

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then I found my friends from The VSOC

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then back to the bikes

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on reaching the Angling club I found the Coasters still on second or third breakfasts

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On the way back, we had the most superb cloudburst

hank goodness for motorway bridges

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