Mabon Rally


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Mabon Rally

21-23rd Sept 2007

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Well autumn is slowly spreading her golden gown across this sceptred island Ah seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness, I had my last rally of the year over the autumn equinox And it was a small traditional rally, a pub, a field a bonfire, all rather nice

It was in a really pretty village, all stone clad buildings the works.Almost a rural idyll until invaded by lots of motorised two and three wheeled vehicles.

Friday spent catching up with friends, and listening to their tales of woe with the weather (I never got wet once) and wondering if anymore tents could fit in the pub garden With Rally ale at £1.50 a damp but convivial evening ensued

The Saturday morning I spent walking to the nearby town along the old carters track, through lanes full of wild produce elderberries, damsons, sloes, and blackberries Then across a small river with swans on over the water meadows and towards the church, the church was very pretty with lots of stained glass and had a small orchestra playing for a charity event, the church clock chimed on the quarter hour though and rung the hours, tents donít have double glazing so it was noticeable at night.

Just as I had almost walked back up to the site, past the boggy marsh of doom and up the hill of breathlessness I met some friends walking towards the town and was persuaded to walk back to town again, oh excellent. Not.

So back I went again, Hugh even found an almond tree in the middle of town, it was funny watching him picking them all and then shucking them in the market square. Apparently the village used to be a big lace making area, and the town also has an annual pancake race, there were lots of gift type shops and I managed to find mum a birthday present at last

Eventually now under a blazing sun we headed back to camp to carry on chilling out, oh no more beer. The Yodashire massive did well in the awards, with furthest travelled male and female, and only lost the quiz by the fourth tiebreak question.

Did I tell you the beer was cheap, by a little after prize giving I retired to the pit, a happy fellow.