NEC Bike Show



International Motorcycle and Scooter show NEC Birmingham

24 Nov- Dec 2 2008

Through Yoda and Bikerlifestyle I had the pleasure of a press pass to the international Motorcycle and Scooter show (to give its its full title ) on press day.

It has been a few years since I have been to the show so I was really looking forward to the day.

Now here I have to be honest and say that most super-bikes leave me cold, I really do prefer the cruisers and the likes. and I cannot report back on the latest bikes there.

There were plenty of models draping themselves over the bikes, but mainly on the custom bikes.

The Custom Extreme show was our main base, and here Charley Boorman presented the winners with their cheques and trophies.

It was then down to the new Yamahas and Harleys, and I must say although they are very nice there are no current models which would pull me away from my current bike. If I was asked to pick a bike to purchase at the show, I would think the Suzuki  VN900 would be the one for me.

A good if a long day out, and a little light shopping found a new crash helmet as well. 

I have separated the photographs into three groups, customs, general and girls, click in the pictures to enter slide show, click back on your browser to exit