Norsemen Poker Run


Norsemen Poker Run

2nd June 2007

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as seen in issue 282

What a brilliant sunny day, and any excuse to get to the sea side. This time following a flier I picked up at the mayday Run I headed for the Norsemen MCC 2nd Poker run.

The plan is simple, pay 5 for your entry,  funds go to the chosen charity "Help a local Child" and pick a playing card at 5 chosen destinations, the best poker hand wins.

Choosing "wessons" Cafe at Horam as 1st Choice of Venue first card 8 of Clubs

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I then headed off Clockwise to The Eight Bells at Hawkshurst second card Jack of Hearts it was not looking good already, it also appeared I was riding the course, as such there is in the opposite direction to most

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I then headed to Rye, and V twin motorcycles here I pulled a 2 of spades a miracle now needed

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off now and along the coast road to Pevensey, and a nice pub called the Smugglers, my luck didn't improve with a 3 of Hearts. But with plenty of time prior to the finish hour of 4.30 I had a beer and watched other travellers come and go for a while

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a casual ride back then to the final destination, the Fountain pub in Hasting, where not even the Ace of Diamonds could save an Ailing Hand, Here copious amounts of coffee kept me going, a BBQ fed the 5000 and a pleasant afternoon entailed.

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In the evening Live entertainment was planned, but I was away to a friends Housewarming/Birthday/BBQ in deepest Kent

A cracking day out