Shep and Bagladies Wedding


Shep and Bag ladies Wedding

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Saturday 26th May Oxfordshire

I was honoured to be invited to Terry (Shep) and Stephanies (Bag Lady) wedding. Members of both the Ridgeway mcc and some Internet Forums, the wedding party contained friends from these clubs, the Calderarium MCC and family and friends.

arriving midday, just before ,Freak, Kerri, Mark and Jay on his unfeasibly quick cb550 we soon had shopping trips to Tescos done and then relaxed until time for the wedding in the nearby town.

Escorted by Ridgeway mcc and the Calderariums Steph arrived on a trike, a pleasant service and then a blast back to the site for the rest of the party.

A brilliant evening and the smiles say it all.

all the best for the Future to a very special couple.

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freak and kerri   mark Jay
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Jay, Gypsy and Summer Dougie and Bassman toad, Rainbow, Yoda, Mark Freak, Kerri, Summey, Gypsey and Rainbow
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santa   Spike Ernie
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  Leaving for the wedding    
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  Stephanie arrives    
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Back on site     freak and Jay wrestling
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      to the pub
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