Shepherds Hill


Shepherds Hill

Reading Mag's Custom Bike show

Easter Sunday 2007

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Possibly the most impossible venue to find, (and multi map didnít help) but it was a sunny day and the back roads of Berkshire and Oxfordshire were nice to ride around. Eventually I found the Rugby Club more by luck than judgement, paid my pound to park (if you wished to enter your bike it was £3) and met Baza from the HDRCGB a good start.

Unfortunately due to a logistical error (no wheelchair) I did not meet up with Yoda, which was a shame, but found Blue snapping away.

Strolling through the bike park there were several bikes I thought were show worthy, and on reaching the show I did wonder how loosely some folks think ďCustom bikeĒ can be translated, with almost new stock bikes being entered.

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This also meant that the limited space for show vehicles was very soon filled up. This maybe something I hope can be addressed in the future.

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There were a few stalls, various bike club stands and an ice-cream van doing a roaring trade. The club house provided welcome shade and cooling ales, and a BBQ seemed to be feeding the 5000 or however many were there.

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I soon met friends from local, and not so local Owners clubs and forums, chatted for a while, perused more of the bike-park and then headed home.

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Now you would think the return journey would have been easier, Iím sure I did a figure of eight at least once, but it was a nice ride.

Next year I shall get proper directions (famous last words)