George to the dragon Rally
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George to the dragon Rally

Ridgeway Mcc 

20-22 April 2007

as ever click on pictures to enlarge, if you would like high resolution pictures please email

Wow what a weekend, as as I got carried away with photos I have spread some onto a separate page

Not far from Oxford and its Gleaming spires is a little village, sleepy and peaceful, until Friday 21st when it is descended on by knights in armour on gleaming stallions, or at least bikers of all sorts for this the 12th Ridgeway Mcc George to Dragon Rally.

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the Glorious early afternoon and evening sunshine kept folk chatting away and playing silly B's on the children's play things.

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A pleasant surprise was the barrels of real ale stacked up behind the bar, and a challenge laid down for the best effort at drinking ales. This was eventually won by the Grandfathers, who despite being only 6 members out drunk many larger Clubs.

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There was a cracking Ska and twotone group, and Morris dancers who danced with flaming batons

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feeling a little worse for wear I returned early to my tent.


A perfect morning the type only an English spring can bring, ruined by the Caldarium mcc heading for Tescos, all in night attire, a shock to the shoppers, but it raised 700 for their egg run fund.

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A little later me Freak and Kerri headed out to pretty Oxfordshire villages, and babbling brooks.

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back to the site and it was chilling in the sun, watching silly games and deflowering of a few rally virgins, (pictures on separate page)

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I like this bike and the black v max below

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The evenings entertainment started off with a Great group called subway who belted out songs of all eras right up to Fratellis and Kooks.

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A quick prize giving ( the gorgeous black V Max won best bike) and raffle then Drink till Dawn came on

They were loud, very loud, and having run out of beer tokens, I headed out to chat to folk, and eat chips.

Sunday I was awake very early again, and headed home at sparrows, meeting the owners group out for a ride out.

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A cracking weekend.

well-done all in the Ridgeway Mcc for such a great weekend