Wozwolf Rally


Wozwolf Rally

The X rated

31st August to 2nd September 

as seen in Feb 2008

At last I made it to the Wozwolf Rally, I have had tickets for the last 3 years, but things have always got in the way, however August 31st found me at the lincolnshire, battling to put up my tent in the wind.

17 Wozwolf and lots of helpers make this a smoothly run rally

Friday night we had "Uniting the Elements" "Beholder" "Too Rex" and "Vampires Rock"

Saturday we had "General Skullduggery" "Exhibit A" "The Almaboobies" "Dizzy lizzie" and The Gangsters of Ska"

with a custom show, very silly games and 20 real ales it was superb.

I even managed to fit in visiting my friends in Lincoln as well

a brilliant weekend

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