Pioneer run 2008


Pioneer run 2008

March 9th


So here we are 2nd Sunday in March must mean its Pioneer Sunday, for the pre 1914 bikes to head off down to Brighton.

Weather report claims we will have hurricanes the lot, but we are greeted with a cold damp morning.

I drag myself out from my pit, and head off to the start, the Lurgi that started on Mondays ride is now horrid, so discression the better part of valour I take the car.

with it being  the 70th running of this event, they let the 5 vehicles that were on the first run head off first.

as ever it amazes me how some bikes need hours of fettling, while others old boys just whisper magic words too and chuffle off into the distance

John Warr as ever brought the very pretty 1915 Harley 564cc Single along. Click on the picture for a short video clip

there was not the normal amount of other exotica around as usual but a few nice bikes to be seen around

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