Rebel smugglers Rally


Rebel smugglers Rally

as seen in

the Plough at Arncott

July 25-28

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Rebel Smugglers First Rally 25-27 july 2008


The internet, cyberspace, or the B%%%%%dy computer call it what you want it is now here to stay.

However much some folk, say they can live without it, it is a very useful tool.

The internet was born at the end of the 1960’s, became into the hands of the general public in the 1990’s and since then has grown and grown.

Now it has reached such a point that searching or surfing for information can take several hours.

But what has that to do with us the humble motorcyclist

Well if you are running an obscure machine like a “1903 Canardly Move” odds on you will find similar souls out there also looking for that elusive flange or ganglepin to get you back on the road. And possibly find the results in seconds, unlike the days of old when scouring magazines, jumble sites, shows and the like for the information.

And of course there are various auction sites where we hope to find for bargains, without grovelling through all the cardboard boxes at an auto-jumble

And such sites which tell us where the best cream teas can be found, or bags of sweeties,


So what has this to do with this esteemed magazine and rallies and the like, one of the biggest areas of the internet is Forums, where like minded folk meet to chat over favourite subjects. There are several Motorcycle enthusiast forums where many folk arrange their next rally gathering or just pass witty repartee and gay badinage though the days pre-ceding rallies available to the biking fraternity nowadays .

And this is where the Rebel smugglers come in with friendship now close enough to consider themselves a club, a steadily growing on line biking forum, the regular meeting place being at various rally sites and via the power of the internet.


And so in July they decided to throw a rally, and try and get as many Rebel smugglers as possible together. A task ably taken on by Medic (winner of the BB Award 2008)

The Plough at Arncott being the venue

One of the other useful things a computer can do is produce maps, so this I did even though I have already been to “The plough” at before its been some years, now you know this will end in tears don’t you…

One of the most important things of course is to put the correct address in…

Guess who didn’t and who spent an hour riding vaguely around the area ... ooops well it was a sunny day, and the bridges over the a34 were looking good in both directions.


The Rebel smugglers had already been partying hard for a night, and so only a few braved the official rideout, while those recovering from the night before tried to take shelter from the sun under the trees, it really was a day for the “Phew what a scorcher” headline. I soon found Def, one of mainstay (and Bill Oddie impersonator) who let me into the sanctuary of the shade.


As bodies slowly recovered and others returned to site the general laid back feel continued, even for Redbeard whose bike had decided to have a dose of the sulks and had bust a tyre, though some may have thought it was a crafty plan for a recovery home Sunday, and a chance to drink more in the evening.


There was a charity raffle and in the end the um of £800 from the raffle and other events was given to Mark a club member who has recently had a leg amputated 

It has to be said it was quite an emotional moment.


Then it was back to drinking from the outside bar and listing to the band and a hog roast what perfect way to round off an afternoon, I left the merry throng settling in for a evening session.

And pointed the bike London wards for another party, but that journey and evening is a tale best left quietly behind.


The Rebel smugglers can be found online at: and in a rally field near you soon.

The Rebel Smugglers would also like to thank Chris the landlord and staff for the warm welcome