October 12th 2008

as seen in

this charity event for the Sussex Heart Charity just gets bigger and bigger

and how they always get the best weather I never know

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Cars two girls enjoying the sunshine

donít know what it is about Brightona that makes it so special

Its not just the fact tht it does such good work for the Sussex Heart Charity.

Itís not just the fabulous weather as another year passes and the weather gods once more graced us with the best weather.

Infact several of the tabloid papers had noted there were more people on the beach in October than in summer.

Itís not the presence of hundreds, if not thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts.

For indeed this event grows like topsy and now attracts folks from far and wide.

Nor is it the plethora of traders that peddle their wares

Nor is it the multitude of bikes of all classes that arrive en-mass in an almost endless stream.

Or the quality of the custom bikes the show attracts, or the continual mixed selection of bands playing now on three stands.

I reckon that itís the fact that itís like a huge end of season party for all those biking folk in the South of England

This year I arrived at a ridiculously early hour (well after I had coaxed my poor steed into life, as she was in a grump after getting lost in Derby the day before) breaking through the thick autumnal fog.

Here one of the owners clubs I am involved in had for the first a stall. Which I thought would make for a handy base, and a place I hoped for a cuppa.

 Within seconds I was accosted by friends, and it wasnít for some time that I got back to the tentÖ once more to be whisked away again

And this was to be the way it was to be all day I never did get that cup of tea.

meeting up with the emperor Yoda I was roped into helping judge the bike show.

Now I had once asked Blue how difficult this job was, and after the nervous twitch had receeded the answer was (and I hope I am now giving away any trade secrets here) ďeasy pick every second green bikeĒ

I now had that nervous twitch, there were eight categories and only two green bikes.

Trying hard to ensure Yoda did not throw all his toys about we did ensure best Chopper went to a very pretty green triumph chop.

I now have a new found respect to anyone asked to judge a show.

Rosettes tied on bikes it was time to try and get back to find a cuppa, needless to say a plan soon flawed as I was distracted by two young ladies, errr being friendly on a bike

And then eventually found the tent again, seven hours since I arrived and just as they were breaking down for the day.

Another fabulous day, how such a small team create such a big event I shall never know I am just glad they do.

Roll on October 2009