Creatures Any Spare Change Rally 2


Creatures Any Spare Change Rally 2

16/17 May 

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AKA the strange way up

After the success of Creatures first fundraising rally last year he was persuaded to hold a second rally

This time at a cracking pub near Peterborough , called the Plough


Well home to Southampton to Peterborough is not a logical move, but this was my route as meeting Sara and Nicky

But mainly using A roads it was a clear and enjoyable ride, it could however have been a lot warmer

The welcome at the site was very warm though it must be the orange glow from the T shirts

And slowly the Yodashire Massive arrived

I’ve never been a fan of camping in the damp, and erecting my poor battered pit (really must find some more poles) in the drizzle and rain was not nice.

So refuge was found in the bar where real ales and good food awaited.

With loads of bands on over the weekend we had some real treats from some of the Best bands on the rally circuit including “The Almaboobies” “General Skullduggery” “Some kind of Mushroom” “Stevie one man and mandolin” “Doughboys” who often also joined each others sessions, with all groups having waived their fees this was some gesture.

A sweepstake was also placed on when Ernie would be wasted, sadly the wee fellow failed miserably in his normal activity and all bets were cancelled. Once again a rally provided a decent real ale bar and over the weekend we drank the pub and outside bar dry.

In the bar we found a bar billiards table, an unknown sport to some and despite the best efforts of wearing my Bar Billiards shoes, I never really focused on the game, well truth is I couldn’t focus on much or it could be because of having my bar billiards jumper stolen by Lyn


Over the weekend we also had stalls to buy stuff at, a comedy club and some great roads to play on when not wet.

And so we found ourselves in Peterborough on the Saturday paying for an expensive car park space, only to find a free one round the corner oops.

A quick wander round the cathedral and light shopping found us heading back to site in time for the comedy club, which was a relaxing way to spend an afternoon followed by the more acoustic of the groups and chatting with Yoda and friends.

There were presentations for best bikes etc, and the important one for Rick Hulse as Creature handed over about £2500 towards Nabbed from the takings from last years rally and other charity events.


The lasses in the food stall and bar did a sterling job providing almost 18 hours of service per day and smiled almost throughout.

I was however dragged kicking and screaming to the pub Saturday night, where I was accosted until chucking out time.

The best morning of the weekend and time to pack up and wend my way sleepily (it was freezing the night before) down the A1

Another brilliant weekend. Well done to Creature and all his helpers from the wozwolf.