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Valkerie Tribal Kelts

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10th May 2008

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a cracking show, sunshine and smiles can you ask for more

lots of photos in no particular order , so in three galleries.


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If you follow along the Thames River from the centre of London toward the sea after a while you reach a dark and mysterious area known as Docklands. Where dark satanic tower blocks loom high and keep the place devoid of light, here we find huddled in a corner on the 19th floor of such a block the Back Street Heroes Offices.

And late on a Thursday night we find Blue pushing pencils into a pussy’s posterior until perfectly pointed. (Before the league of protection for cats complain this is an electronic pencil sharpener) and staring at her diary under the faint glow of a 20watt bulb while cursing Stu’s current economy drive.

With her “troops” despatched mainly to all points north with but a deft touch of the keyboard the request was sent, “Bosun would you like to change plans for the weekend and cover the bike show in Maidstone” I pondered the point for a few moments, and then remembering that a no may mean no invite to the BSH summer garden party (almost as salubrious and elite as some of those held at Buckingham  Palace but held in a basement of a car park in Penge the flasks of tea and biscuits supplied by the local salvation army) In reality it’s a case of working together to ensure we bring details of the events to you, and so this found me on the road to Kent on a baking hot Saturday morning.

For me it was a result and after only three wrong turns I found the welcoming faces of the Valkeries, an all female bike club, who had a good way with persuading people to separate their hard earned cash from their pockets in exchange for a blue entrance band, then was shown to my parking area by the Tribal Kelts a motley selection of males, who were steadily turning Lobster Red in the blazing sun. Once again a partnership that works well to bring entertainment to the masses.

And masses there were, and for some strange reason a lot of Buells being modified, and there was minor panic as to whether the car park could hold any more two or three wheeled vehicles somehow there must be a tardis effect in place as somehow they all did. Along with the trade stands who all donated prizes to the raffle as well.

Live music was supplied by two bands I missed the name of the first, but they had found the amplifier goes past 11 to 12 ½ , followed by Vince Vortex and the Cucumbers, a brilliant Punk rock covers band, who’s lead singer has perfected a look which can possibly be classified as having a facial strip crossed with a pug. They sure gave it some stick considering the heat and really suited the day.

The heat turned the car park to a dustbowl, and lots of folk red and recuperative tea and ice creams seemed the order of the day for many.

Judging for the bike show was made by the President of the Kent Hells Angels, and awards were given for various categories from club turn out (won by the Renegades) to best under 250cc as they believe strongly that we should support our future. Best in show was a foreign registered Harley, ridden by a guy from Essex; well I suppose that is foreign. I was pleasantly surprised to win in the raffle as well.

Group photographs later and so the partying masses moved onto another venue for an evening do, and I made my way home, at last covering my lobster coloured arms,  mostly in the right direction, well what is wrong with riding 300 yards the wrong way down a major slip-road, sorry officer.

I’m just hoping that my duties done that I can now be back on the list for the garden party especially as I hear that Stu has found a few packets of chocolate digestive in the reduced to 10p basket at the local corner shop.