Ogri Rally 2008


Ogri Rally 2008

22-24 August 2008

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a brilliant way to celebrate a clubs 30th Birthday

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Friday night

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Ogri Rally 2008


Ogri is a character created by Paul Sample that was first published in a motorcycle magazine in 1972.

He is the biker we all dream of being, riding a glorious norvin, drinking newky brown by the crate and somehow always being a step up from the law. His friends include Mitzi his gorgeous girlfriend, Kickstart a dog more human than most and Malcolm, the biker most of us are. Malcolm is a hapless hero hopeless at mechanics and constantly riding a selection of awful bikes called Lunge.

I am far more the Malcolm than an Ogri, leaving the spannering to those that know, but there is no way Milly my faithful steed can be compared to Lunge, though several earlier bikes really could have earned that title.

This year the Ogri MCC celebrate their 30th year, having formed in 1978 from a collection of current servicemen and women and so this was to be a party and a half, tickets for this rally sell out in days (there is a strict limit), and so after much asking, entering contests etc I managed on promises of cups of tea and cakes to get a ticket.

And so late on a Friday evening (why when you boss sees your bike loaded up for a rally in the car park and knows you want to get away early does he always find reasons for you to stay there till last knockings) I headed off to meet my own personal Mitzi.

Thanks to friends a saved camping spot was soon found, and also the real ale bar, oh this was nirvana, 28 different ales, ciders and a barrel of JD, it is here I should tell you that I failed and only sampled a minor percentage of those on offer. And the main bar was open 24 hours.

The whole corner of Kemble Airfield takes on a local village feel, and it was a nice compliment when a girl newish to rallies stated “that it’s lovely to walk around late at night round such a site alone and feel safe” maybe its these sort of comments which should be sent to the police that currently have been stopping rallies left right and centre.

There were some great bands too; Friday was WAM a punk/scar band which got many feet moving followed by a brilliant Dutch rock band called De Klepps.

Despite clambering to my tent at silly oh clock, I was awoken at before sparrows with bits of me feeling frozen… well it is a bank holiday, and yes later on the Saturday we had rain. Finding sanctuary and warmth in a cup of tea there were still a few stalwarts propping up the bar.

After a quick trip to the local town for much needed funds, and finding my friends heading home (do I really snore that bad?) it was silly games (the first silly game involving builders sacks also looked a bruising game), bike show and tiffin. I never found tiffin though, and I’m rather partial to a crumpet or tart.

Along with the trend for real ale it was nice to have acoustic sets by travelling troubadours during the afternoon. For those more ambitious there were flights over the site, rides in personnel carriers etc.

With so many foreign riders on site as well there was a real nice cosmopolitan feel.

Evening bands on the main stage started with Stevie one man and Mandolin. Now I have heard Stevie many a time, but this set with Mark a violinist from the Wight riders, and one guy on a Bo drum was something else.

This was then followed by the Dirty Earth Band who were ace and finally the GlamGitz a glam rock band created by Ogri members and featuring all the Ex presidents of Ogri MCC.

During the evening there were the usual presentations, results at end, but a cheque was presented to “Help for Heroes” for £1500 and the Royal Logistics Corp for £500 Ogri’s chosen charities for the year.

Sunday and my portable camping unit resembled a paddling pool more than a tent, it had rained well in the night, note to self, when friends offer to assist with erection of tent, I really should check the tent myself after.

But bundling this sodden mass onto my poor bike was I disheartened, no way this had been one of the best rallies for a long time.

Well done Ogri here’s to the next 30 years.





As scribbled down late Saturday


Furthest travelled women UK :. 485miles

Furthest travelled women overseas: 850km

Furthest travelled male UK : a vmax rider at 1002miles, me thinks may have been via previous weeks rally in Belgium .

Club Turnout: the Antelopes

Club Mileage: 3800miles Welsh Coast

Best Engineering: Harley

Best Classic : Brough Superior

Best paint: Yamaha

Best trike: a trike

Grot bike: A triumph

Best Custom: A Harley

Best Streetfighter: Buell

Best in show: Suzuki Chop