Warlord Brotherhood


Warlord Brotherhood

2nd patch party

Royal Oak Leatherhead 9th February

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a cracking party, with live band, and attempt to burst the pub at the seams

So let us start with a Quiz question to get the old grey matter going: what do Fu Manchu, Napoleon 3, Imperial, Winnfield, Zappa and Ducktail all have in common? And believe it or not it does bear some relevance to this write-up, even with my tenuous grasp of reality.

The Warlords Brotherhood were formed in 2006 from the Surrey Branch of the Celtic Warriors, and so in 2008 decided to have a party to celebrate their second anniversary, well even my maths can work that out. And with unseasonably warm weather I bolted my rusty steed back together (in some places not bolted back up enough, requiring car park repairs, don’t ask) for a ride to the party.

It certainly seemed the good weather brought out a lot of good bikes and trikes, and loads of party folk, I’m sure it would have been a physical impossibility if we all had to fit inside. I was met by the warmest of welcomes and soon bumped into a few familiar faces. The Brotherhood are part of the Thames Valley coalition, and it seems that folk had come some considerable miles for the do, and I can see why, they are a very welcoming bunch of folk.

With a local band “certified”playing a good selection of mostly modern tunes, plenty of ale and food can you ask for a better way to spend a February Evening? As the pumpkin hour arrived I headed home leaving all to party into the small hours

Oh the quiz question, the answer is  they are all styles of beards and moustaches, for it must be said, unlike your more usual style of hairy ZZ top look a like style of facial styling, the members of the Warlord Brotherhood take great pride in their facial  chin wear and have mastered several of these styles. Now I’m wondering if a Klingon style would suit me. Answers as ever on a postcard to:…….