French Trip


French Trip

12 April


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Bravely last year i suggested a day trip to France, and by the time we went there were 8 bikes with 10 riders

after a week of mixed weather we were treated to a warmish and dry day, though it must be said that early o clock at Clackets Lane was a struggle but we we all there

a splendid ride down, and we were in plenty of time for the euro tunnel which was just as well, especially for those which had to go through  the security checks for firearms and drugs.. oops

once the confusion of coffee stops was over I headed down to St Omer, with only a practice route round a roundabout to get all ready

Once Parked up, the rain started so we took shelter in various bars and Cafes, all meeting up later well with that and the local village drunk/lecherous old so and so, infact he seemed to take quite a shine to Paul.

The decisions was then made for more shopping and a trip to the Davidson bar in Calais, which Gary took us too.

 more food later, and then an enthusiastic blast home

a cracking day out, thanks to all who came along

next year they want more of the similar... watch this space ...