February Freezer


February Freezer

10th MC Rottuns February Freezer

20-22nd February

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MC Rottums February Freezer


There is a good reason why I normally do not attend winter rallies, and that is that it is normally blooming cold. And you really will not get me in a tent when bits of me could be subject to frostbite. Call me any name under the sun you want Ernie but a warm bed beats a canvas sleeping unit any day.

However the 10th MC Rottums February Freezer was held in unfeasibly mild weather, which was a real surprise after the snow of the weekend before.

You could almost think that summer may be soon on the way, as the snowdrops and crocuses start to bloom and I get in a tailback caused by three caravans.

But with the sun out and bike on full song, and a vague idea where it was (its 12 miles from home) I rolled into the site, to be met by happy smiling people, or was that the mulled wine taking effect (a nice touch as a welcome drink).

A stroll around the steadily filling field found the usual eclectic mix of bikes that can only be found at smaller rallies.

The little Kawazaki 440 was so sweet and was my personal favourite, and the XJR with a 4:2:4 exhausts could be heard for miles along the country lanes.

It was as to be expected that I found my friends at the bar, while inside Stevie and friends provided the acoustic entertainment.

There seems a special camaraderie at the smaller events, and even more so in the winter, but with so many local clubs turning up, though I do believe there were visitors from Germany, Wales and Scotland, it a great time to find out who is doing what for the coming months, my poor diary is overfull already, and even more so now.

As the sun started to set, so the folk lit fires or headed to the bar, a few huddled around the indoor open fire for warmth, though the Larry Graysons “Shut that door” impressions were not a great success.

The band on Saturday Night were Mary’s Dog, but a need to ready myself for a family trip to the west country the following day saw me head home.

I can now see why people rate these smaller winter rallies.

Will you ever see me camping at one, mmmmmm I wouldn’t hold your breath..

MC Rottum also hold a rally in more clement weather, I may be back… Bosun